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                  ON DEMAND WEBINAR

                  Anti-Reflective Surfaces

                  Optical components utilizing sub-wavelength surface structures can achieve ultra-high transmissions with angle insensitivity, a broad bandwidth, and high laser induced damage thresholds.

                  Maximize transmission and laser damage threshold!

                  Join us for a 45 minute webinar presented by Edmund Optics' experts Nathan Carlie, Nick Smith, and Randall Hinton to learn about the benefits of Nano-Structured Anti-Reflective Surfaces formed by reactive ion etching (RIE) and why they are a high transmission, high laser damage threshold alternative to anti-reflective multi-layer coatings.

                  At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will have a strong understanding around:

                  • How Nano-Structured Anti-Reflective Surfaces work
                  • Their unique properties and benefits
                  • Controlling structures during manufacturing to tailor performance
                  • Ideal applications for this technology
                  • When this technology would make sense for you
                  Nathan Carlie Nathan Carlie - R&D Manager and RIE Expert, Edmund Optics

                  Nathan Carlie received his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Clemson University in 2010 and has spent the last seven years developing materials and technologies for high-power lasers and IR optics. He joined the Edmund Optics team in 2016 and serves as R&D manager at the corporate headquarters in Barrington, New Jersey. Carlie holds six patents and has written over 40 papers and articles on the design and fabrication of optical materials and systems.

                  Nick Smith Nick Smith - Laser Optics Business Development Manager, Edmund Optics

                  Nick Smith is a Laser Optics Business Development Manager for Edmund Optics. He brings a wealth of experience from within the industry, and his most recent position was in direct support of laser optics, specifically ion beam sputtered (IBS) coating capabilities. He has also held engineering roles covering traditional component manufacturing, CNC fabrication in spherical and aspheric components, injection plastic molding, glass molding support, and optical assembly support.

                  Randall Hinton Randall Hinton - Senior Solution Engineer, Edmund Optics

                  Randall Hinton is the Senior Solution Engineer for the Eastern US and Canada, and works out of EO’s headquarters in Barrington, New Jersey. As Senior Solution Engineer, Randall acts as the primary technical contact for customers, providing a portfolio of standard and custom solution paths for industrial applications of light. He has a broad knowledge of imaging, laser-based and defense applications. Randall holds a Master of Applied Physics degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics/Computer Hardware degree from Grove City College, in Grove City, Pennslyvania.




                  Technical Resources

                  Application Notes

                  Technical information and application examples including theoretical explanations, equations, graphical illustrations, and much more.

                  Beam Quality and Strehl Ratio

                  Common Laser Optics Materials

                  Gaussian Beam Propagation

                  Simplifying Laser Alignment

                  Uncertainty in LIDT Specifications

                  Bulk Laser Damage in Glass

                  Laser Damage Threshold Testing

                  Uncertainty in LIDT Specifications

                  Different Types of LIDT Specifications

                  Nebular? Technology: Nano-Structured Anti-Reflective Surfaces

                  Understanding and Specifying LIDT of Laser Components

                  Importance of Beam Diameter on Laser Damage Threshold

                  Published Articles

                  Links to technical articles appearing in industry publications authored by Edmund Optics or featuring contributions from EO's engineering team and key management.

                  "Antireflective Surfaces via Subwavelength Etching" by Shelby Ament - Photonics Spectra

                  Technical Tools

                  Technical calculators based on commonly used and referenced equations in the Optics, Imaging and Photonics industries.

                  Gaussian Beams Calculator

                  Laser Induced Damage Threshold Scaling Calculator


                  Informative corporate or instructional videos ranging from simple tips to application-based demonstrations of product advantages.

                  How to Align a Laser System

                  Laser Optics Lab Series