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                  Meet the Team

                  At Edmund Optics (EO), we want to make sure you have the best experience, from technical support, to purchasing, and product quality. Our knowledgeable engineers will help you select from the world's largest inventory of off-the-shelf components or design a custom component for your project's requirements. While our customer service representatives are happy to help answer any questions or concerns you may encounter.
                  Meet the team behind EO's success.


                  Dan Adams
                  Marketplace Customer Intelligence Lead

                  Daisuke Arai
                  Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing

                  Scott Bass
                  Senior Director, Global Marketing

                  Cory Boone
                  Technical Marketing Engineer

                  Nathan Carlie
                  R&D Manager

                  Emilie Champigny
                  Product Support Manager Europe

                  Jeremy Chang
                  Executive VP of Asian Operations

                  Johnson Chang
                  Sales Manager, Sales

                  Angi Compatangelo
                  Technical Marketing Manager

                  Robert M. Edmund
                  CEO and Chairman of the Board

                  Marisa Edmund
                  Chief Marketing Officer

                  Gregg Fales
                  Senior Product Line Manager

                  Olivia Fehlberg
                  Product Support Engineer

                  Jeremy Govier
                  Principal Engineer, Engineering (Design)

                  Anna Hetzelt
                  Technical Sales, Sales & Engineering

                  Randall Hinton
                  Senior Solution Engineer

                  Gregory Hollows
                  Vice President, Imaging Business Unit

                  Agnes Huebscher
                  European Marketing Director

                  Nicholas James
                  Global Production Planning and Capacity Management Manager

                  Matthias Knobl
                  Technical Sales, Sales & Engineering

                  Andrew Lynch
                  Director of Sales for the Americas

                  Lucy Lyons
                  Manager Customer Service, Sales (Customer Support)

                  Natalie Lyons
                  Trade Show Manager

                  Sergio Mantecon
                  Regional Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland

                  Patrick McKenna
                  Optical Engineer, Engineering (Project Mgmt)

                  Jeffrey Morris
                  Product Support Engineer II

                  Joonho Rhee
                  Sales Manager, Sales

                  Samuel Sadoulet
                  President and Chief Operating Officer

                  Katie Schwertz
                  Senior Design Engineer, Engineering (Design)

                  Kasia Sieluzycka
                  Solution Engineer, Sales (OEM)

                  Nick Smith
                  Laser Optics Business Development Manager

                  Scott Sparrold
                  Principal Engineer

                  Matthew Stairiker
                  Senior Manufacturing Development Engineer, Fabrication Cell

                  Ashley Sweeney
                  OEM Sales Manager, Sales (OEM)

                  Stefaan Vandendriessche
                  Director of Laser Optics Business Line

                  Greg Wolf
                  Product Support Manager