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                  清潔布 清潔布
                  • Photo-Clear® and Anti-Static Options
                  • Anti-Static Design Dissipates Static Charges
                  • Photo-Clear® Design Efficiently Removes Debris and Moisture
                  愛特蒙特光學擦鏡紙-工業級別 愛特蒙特光學擦鏡紙-工業級別
                  • 常規的MIL規格的擦鏡紙
                  • 大型號的活頁包裝
                  • 500片包
                  愛特蒙特擦鏡紙-商業級別 愛特蒙特擦鏡紙-商業級別
                  • 優質棉紙型號1等級1
                  • 傳統的MIL-SPEC棉紙
                  • 100片4”*5"規格
                  愛特蒙特擦鏡紙-教育級別 愛特蒙特擦鏡紙-教育級別
                  • 標準的教育用紙
                  • 50片4*6一裝
                  Kimberly Clark 精細擦拭紙 - Kaydry&reg; EX-L Kimberly Clark 精細擦拭紙 - Kaydry® EX-L
                  • Low Lint
                  • High Absorbency
                  • Ideal for Laboratory or Production Use
                  Kimberly-clark 擦拭紙 - KIMWIPES&reg; EX-L Kimberly-clark 擦拭紙 - KIMWIPES® EX-L
                  • Lint Resistant Wipes
                  • Ideal For Delicate Surfaces
                  • Perfect for Laboratory or Manufacturing Environments
                  Kimberly Clark 擦拭紙 - KIMTECH Pure&reg; W5 Kimberly Clark 擦拭紙 - KIMTECH Pure® W5
                  • Lint Resistant
                  • Class 100 ISO 5 Cleanroom Compliant
                  • High Water Absorbency Weight
                  Kimberly Clark 精細擦拭紙- ScottPure&reg; Critical Task Kimberly Clark 精細擦拭紙- ScottPure® Critical Task
                  • Low Lint
                  • Absorb Dirt and Liquids Quickly
                  • Solvent Resistant
                  Prematex&reg; 鏡頭擦拭布 Prematex® 鏡頭擦拭布
                  • Advanced Microfiber Technology
                  • Extremely Durable and Reusable
                  • Smooth White Cloths
                  • Ideal for Delicate Surfaces
                  PREMATEX&reg; Pop-n-Wipe&reg; 鏡頭擦拭布 PREMATEX® Pop-n-Wipe® 鏡頭擦拭布
                  • Advanced Microfiber Technology
                  • Extremely Durable and Reusable
                  • Creped White Cloths
                  • Resilient and Very Absorbant
                  濕紙巾 濕紙巾
                  • 濕白布
                  • 單獨包裝

                  Lens Tissue and Cloth are used to clean or polish optical components to maximize performance of an optical system. Lens Tissue and Cloth consist of microfiber cloths or disposable wipes that are designed to effectively remove dirt or many oils from the surface of an optical component. Lens Tissues and Cloth are available in a wide variety of quantities or sizes well suited to ease the maintenance of optical systems.