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                  Laser Microscopy

                  ReflX&trade; 反射物鏡
                  TECHSPEC? 組件由愛特蒙特光學設計、規定或生產。 了解更多
                  ReflX™ 反射物鏡
                  • 具有行業領先水平的 19 至 31mm 工作距離
                  • 愛特蒙特光學公司為聚焦或成像應用而設計并制造
                  • 主動對準,以獲得最佳性能
                  • 從190nm 至 11μm 的超寬光譜帶且無色差
                  TECHSPEC? 組件由愛特蒙特光學設計、規定或生產。 了解更多
                  • 衍射極限性能:傳輸波前,RMS: λ/14
                  • 錐形設計可以在45度入射角的時候方便的安裝和拆卸
                  • 為降低衍射效應采取了彎曲結構
                  三豐(Mitutoyo) NIR,NUV,和UV 遠場校正物鏡 三豐(Mitutoyo) NIR,NUV,和UV 遠場校正物鏡
                  • 全新設計的M Plan NIR HR 和 M Plan UV鏡頭
                  • M Plan NIR HR 鏡頭提高了分辨率
                  • M Plan UV 鏡頭 在266nm 和550nm 進行優化
                  三豐(Mitutoyo) 遠場校正長工作距離物鏡 三豐(Mitutoyo) 遠場校正長工作距離物鏡
                  • 工作距離長,100倍時6mm
                  • 復消色差光學設計
                  • 整個像場平場結構
                  用于紅外波段的硒化鋅聚焦鏡 用于紅外波段的硒化鋅聚焦鏡
                  • 最大程度將光束耦合效率提高到5mm
                  • 可方便地與HeNe 激光器準直
                  • 使用波段為 2 - 12μm
                  可調ReflX&trade; 物鏡
                  TECHSPEC? 組件由愛特蒙特光學設計、規定或生產。 了解更多
                  可調ReflX™ 物鏡
                  • 反射物鏡可調節,適用于精密校準
                  • 可選多種鍍膜,適用于特定波長范圍
                  • 采用有限共軛設計和RMS螺紋,可輕松集成在多種物鏡設置中

                  Laser Optics

                  Laser Microscopy is used to image samples through the use of focused laser beams. In general Laser Microscopy applications, a sample is scanned by a focused laser beam and the intensity of the reflected beam is converted to a digital image. Confocal microscopy, also known as confocal laser scanning microscopy, offers various advantages over traditional wide-field microscopy, such as enhanced resolution, targeted imaging location, and higher image depth. Common laser microscopy techniques include super-resolution microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, and two- or multi-photon microscopy.

                  Edmund Optics offers a range of Laser Microscopy objectives in finite and infinite conjugate styles for use with common laser wavelengths, such as those of popular laser diodes or Nd:YAG harmonics. Our TECHSPEC® ReflX™ Objectives are reflective microscope objectives that can efficiently focus laser light without introducing any chromatic aberration. These objectives feature a rugged design to withstand exposure to moderate heat or abrasion and are ideal in applications that range from FTIR spectroscopy to semiconductor inspection. TECHSPEC® High Performance ReflX™ Objectives are also available, providing better peak-to-valley transmitted wavefront and a design that allows for angles of incidence up to 45°. Mitutoyo Objectives, with excellent performance at Nd:YAG harmonics, are ideal for integration into semiconductor inspection or laser cutting applications.